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Cerberux is merely a simulator and does not represent the offer of any product. The information contained in this material is based on simulations, and actual results can vary significantly. It does not constitute in any way a promise or guarantee of profitability established here. Past profitability is not a guarantee of future profitability. There are risks associated with the stock market, which can result in variations in invested capital, including the total loss of capital. Cerberux does not assume that investors will make profits, nor is it responsible for any losses incurred. This material, approved and disseminated by Cerberux, should not be reproduced or distributed without prior authorization. Although this material reflects the economic conditions at the time it was prepared, there is no guarantee that a transaction can be contracted at the levels specified here. Therefore, customers should seek information, if necessary, from reliable providers. The information contained in this simulation should not be considered as the sole source of information in the investor's decision-making process. Before making any decision, the investor should carry out a thorough evaluation of the product and its respective risks, taking into account their personal objectives.

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